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The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists (ACBO) was founded in 1987, and provides Australian, New Zealand and Asian optometrists with education and training in behavioural optometry. Our members have a special interest in children's vision, patients with learning difficulties, traumatic brain injury, binocular vision dysfunction, as well as those wishing to enhance their visual skills for sport.

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About ACBO Members

ACBO is the professional association for independent optometrists who wish to differentiate themselves by focusing on functional vision care, neurodevelopmental optometry and vision therapy.

ACBO Members adhere to the following Codes, standards and guidelines:

    OBA Optometry Code of Conduct
    AHPRA Advertising Guidelines
    ACBO Code of Ethics
    Competency Standards for Optometry 2014


ACBO Head Office & Bookshop

Please note the ACBO office hours except Holidays:

Tuesday (AM), Wednesday (PM), Thursday (whole day), and Friday (AM)

Visitors by appointment only - call on 03 9614 3400 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a time.

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All Enquiries to ACBO Board:

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Executive Officer
1:07 Q2 Building, 2 Queen St
Melbourne VICTORIA 3000 
Office:   03 9614 3400
Mobile:  0414 397 230
Fax:      03 9614 4522
Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ACBO Office Bearers

// Steve Leslie
Vice President
// Evan Brown
// Kevin O'Brien
// Melissa Allen

Executive Officer
// Veronica Kypros
Committee Member
// Michael Smith
Immediate Past President
// Paul Levi
Member Representative
// Melanie Imlach

Project Manager
// Maria Gorbunova
Administration Assistant
// Heidi Pialago

ACBO State Directors

New South Wales 
Dr David Evian


Western Australia 

Asia Pacific 
Monica Chow


Sally Doyle

South Australia/Northern Territory 

New Zealand 
Mr Keith Miller



Fellowship Exam Board

Chair:                Clare Campitelli

Exam Board:   Sara Black

Exam Board:   Liz Muller

Exam Board:   Steve Leslie

Exam Board:   Mike Smith

NACBO Committee

Chair:         Liz Jackson

Comittee:   Bernie Eastwood

Comittee:   Sally Doyle

Comittee:   David Evian

Susan Larter Vision Trust Application Assessment Panel

Chair:        Meredith Graham

Panel:        Bev Roberts

Panel:        Nick Hansen

Panel:        Francoise Rateau

Other Roles

UNSW Visiting Committee:   Kevin O'Brien

OVP Journal Liaison:            Steve Leslie

OEP Course Coordinator:     Paul Graham

ACBO Awards

All ACBO Board appointments are honorary. ACBO has instituted a number of awards to recognise the efforts of those who have contributed to the organisation.

Honorary Life Membership

1990 - Margaret Banks
1990 - The late GN “Jerry” Getman
2004  - Dr Lionel Kowal
2006 - Chris Henderson
2012 - Graham Peachey
2012 - Bev Roberts
2012 - Graeme Thompson
2013 - Professor Ed Howell

The President’s Award for Significant Contribution to Behavioural Optometry

1998 - Stephen Daly
2000 - Nicholas Hansen
2002 - Margaret Banks
2003 - Kevin O’Brien
2005 - Bev Roberts
2007 - Figtree Optical
2012 - Veronica Kypros
2012 - Mark Overton - Ideology Consulting
2013 - Meredith Graham
2013 - Paul Graham
2014 - Sasha Sergejew - CR Surfacing
2014 - Dr David Evian
2017 - Rosemary Paynter


Awarded for best performance throughout the BOptom BSc course in Binocular & Children’s Vision at UNSW
2007 - Sandra Darido
2011 - Jodie Errington
2012 - Jemima Go
2013 - Moreland
2014 - Mark Jinkyu Bae
2015 - Elizabeth Yasaman Kodari
2016 - Chantelle Louise Payne

The Susan Larter Vision Trust Award

The Susan Larter Vision Trust Prize is awarded to the UNSW student who best demonstrates a commitment to, and through their academic work, makes a contribution to the science and practice of paediatric optometry.
2013 - Rebecca Cox
2014 - Lisa Ma
2015 - Elizabeth Yasaman Kodari
2016 - Martin Quan Diep

The Keith Woodland Award for Outstanding Contribution to Behavioural Vision Care

1989 - Chris Henderson
1992 - Edwin Howell
1993 - Graham Peachey
1995 - Dan O’Leary
1996 - Graeme Thompson
1998 - Joseph Garvin
2000 - Beverley Roberts
2003 - Charles McMonnies
2005 - Nick Hansen
2007 - Paul Croucher
2013 - Adrian Bell

The Graham Peachey Award for Outstanding Contribution to Behavioural Education

1998 - Rosemary Paynter
1999 - Dan O’Leary
2000 - Michael Smith
2003 - Sue Larter
2005 - Edwin Howell
2007 - School of Optometry & Vison Science at UNSW

The Chris Henderson Award for The Best Article in the Journal of Behavioural Optometry

1998 - Anne Pezzimenti
1999 - Chris Chong
2000 - Jim Kenefick
2003 - Paul Graham
2007 - John Palassis

Awards for non-optometrists who support Behavioural Optometry
2003 Maxine Peachey and Julie Henderson

Overseas awards to Australian Behavioural Optometrists
In 2004, Graham Peachey became the first optometrist outside the USA to be awarded the GN Getman Award by the College of Vision Development in recognition of his clinical expertise in behavioural optometry and his dedication to patient care.
In 2012, Susan Larter was posthumously awarded the Josef Lederer Award for her contribution to Vision Science.
Prize of Excellence in the literature survey section of the Fellowship process 1989 Jennifer Currie



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