Mark, aged 33

Mark had strabismus surgery when he was young to correct an inward eye turn, but it was not successful. “The eye turn wasn’t too noticeable so, I learned to live with one good eye,” said Mark.

Upon moving across Australia, Mark saw an OD for an eye check-up. “She told me I would be a great candidate for vision therapy. The first step was to straighten my eye. It worked and it took about 3 months. The second step was to get it to work,” he said. During vision therapy, Mark described how the vision in his amblyopic eye made everything look alien to him.

“It was so strange and I just couldn’t process what I saw. I had to think really hard that I was seeing a tree or a car.” But, over the course of a year, he was not only able to see clearly, but process everything he saw. “Having depth perception is incredible. Mark has worked hard to succeed in his career as a civil engineer.

“I have always had issues with spelling and handwriting that are somewhat embarrassing. Vision therapy has shown me the unique challenges I’ve had and continue to work through in my life. A little understanding goes a long way.”

Important Notice
The case studies presented here are drawn from medical records and responses from real patients treated by qualified and experienced optometrists. The names of the people concerned have been changed to preserve privacy. The names of the optometrists providing treatment have not been included to comply with advertising guidelines.

The results shown are real, but are individual to the people concerned, and are for general information only. They should not be taken to imply or to claim that similar results will be obtained in any other case. Anyone with a vision problem is recommended to located their nearest ACBO Member and obtain a professional examination and individually considered treatment plan.


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