Stephanie, aged 7

Stephanie had a rocky start in life, overcoming several obstacles by 14 months of age. Her parents then noticed that her eyes began crossing severely at times.

“An exam revealed accommodative esotropia, which is the inward eye turn, moderate farsightedness and amblyopia,” said Stephanie’s mother, Amy. “Stephanie began wearing glasses and we treated the amblyopia by patching for one year.

She struggled with double vision at near and an occupational therapist identified delayed motor and social skills related to her visual deficits,” Amy added. Stephanie, now age six, started vision therapy when she was almost three.

“She has blossomed into a much more outgoing and confident child, with a vastly improved attention span and the ability and interest to engage with the people and world around her,” Amy explained. Stephanie can read and write at an above-average level for her age. In the rare instance that she is not wearing her bifocal lenses, she can control and correct her eye turn at will.

Stephanie loves sledding, ice skating, building snowmen and snow forts.

Important Notice
The case studies presented here are drawn from medical records and responses from real patients treated by qualified and experienced optometrists. The names of the people concerned have been changed to preserve privacy. The names of the optometrists providing treatment have not been included to comply with advertising guidelines.

The results shown are real, but are individual to the people concerned, and are for general information only. They should not be taken to imply or to claim that similar results will be obtained in any other case. Anyone with a vision problem is recommended to located their nearest ACBO Member and obtain a professional examination and individually considered treatment plan.


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