Beaming & full of energy - Chloe, aged 7

After Chloe’s teacher noticed that she was finding schoolwork difficult and wasn’t performing to her potential, she decided to refer Chloe’s parents to a Behavioural Optometrist.  After a functional vision skills assessment, it was found that 7-year old Chloe had adequate sight, but extremely poor focusing skills. Chloe found writing very hard, occasionally wrote words backwards, needed her finger to keep her place when reading, and had poor concentration and spelling skills.

After Chloe’s initial prognosis, her mum says, “It was a relief that there was an actual problem. It was so good to have some answers to why she was struggling so much in school and when doing everyday tasks”.  

Chloe was prescribed with 3 months of vision therapy. Although Chloe’s mum admits that the first few weeks were hard to adapt to, she says that she could immediately see how much Chloe was improving.  

Chloe’s mum says that the biggest change she’s seen in Chloe is her personality.

“Before the treatment, Chloe was a very shy and quiet girl. Now, she’s beaming, full of energy and is so much happier”, says Chloe’s mum.

Some tips that Chloe’s mum suggests for new families when working with a Behavioural Optometrist is that you need to be diligent throughout the process and that your child will benefit immensely from the results.

Important Notice
The case studies presented here are drawn from medical records and responses from real patients treated by qualified and experienced optometrists. The names of the people concerned have been changed to preserve privacy. The names of the optometrists providing treatment have not been included to comply with advertising guidelines.

The results shown are real, but are individual to the people concerned, and are for general information only. They should not be taken to imply or to claim that similar results will be obtained in any other case. Anyone with a vision problem is recommended to located their nearest ACBO Member and obtain a professional examination and individually considered treatment plan.


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