OEP Art and Science 2019

Wed February 20th, 2019 - Sun February 24th, 2019
Where: Sydney, NSW

Looking for a pathway into Behavioural Optometry? Already practicing behavioural vision care, but would like clinical pearls?

This course is ideal for Optometrists who are looking for a comprehensive course that provides hands-on clinical training in evaluation, alternative presentations and prescribing. Novices and old-hands alike have praised this course for respectively opening a whole new world of clinical care, and providing powerful clinical pearls. This course has been the launching pad for many a career change into Behavioural Optometry.

The 5 day format means that participants are well and truly nurtured in the scientific and neurological, and these OEP Clinical Curriculum courses are built upon this. Attendees typically learn how to apply these teachings directly to their clinical practice as soon as they return to work.

Vision is the dominant process in humans. You will come away with a much broader understanding of the development of various refractive conditions and how to either prevent future negative shifts or how to guide the patient to less adapted visual conditions. Prescribing patterns are usually altered significantly as the attendee learns how to use lenses in a much more powerful way.

The Art and Science course gives a greater depth of understanding to Vision Therapy courses and prescribing habits on a day-to-day basis. Previous Art and Science courses have been very well received by practitioners new to Behavioural Vision Care, and also by those with many years of experience in Behavioural Vision Care and Vision Therapy.

Venue Radisson Hotel & Suites
72 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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ContactMaria Gorbunova
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Speaker Info

Presented by Paul Graham BAppSc(Optom)Hons FACBO

Paul practices on the Gold Coast with his wife Meredith, who are both part of the OEPF Clinical Curriculum Faculty.  He has served ACBO over the years as regional director, Secretary and Vice President, and is active in organising and delivering continuing education for optometrists and vision therapists.


Eligibility / Prerequisites
  • Optometrists only

All delegates need to complete a pre-course survey A link to the pre-readings will be sent to conference delegates a couple of weeks before the course starts.


Timing:  9:00am to 5:00pm daily (Sunday finish 3pm).

1.    What is Vision?
2.    The Anti-Gravity Circle
3.    Convergence and Divergence
4.    The Identification Circle
5.    The Speech and Language Circle 
6.    Emergent Vision Processes
7.    The Space Representation

1.    Non-linear vs. linear concepts 
2.    The space board as a diagnostic tool
3.    Movement of the space world 
4.    Embedded and unembedded conditions
5.    The basis of stress theory
6.    Stress measures
7.    How function alters structure

1.    Lenses  and stress reactions 
2.    Relationships in vision & dependence/independence 
3.    Demonstration of vision exam
4.    Case history
5.    Testing and Motilities
6.    Theory of stress point retinoscopy

DAY 4 
1.    Dynamic vs. static retinoscopy
2.    The subjective - a new approach
3.    Phorias - a new twist
4.    Equilibrium findings
5.    Near testing
6.    Near equilibrium findings
7.    Behavioral vision care exam

1.    Two case analyses
2.    As a person becomes myopic
3.    How function alters structure
4.    Astigmatism
5.    Yoked prisms
6.    Summary and wrap up

Find a detailed course description here


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