OEP VT2 for Learning Related Visual Problems 2019

Wed March 27th, 2019 - Sun March 31st, 2019
Where: Sydney, NSW

VT for Learning Related Visual Problems adds to the core VT for Visual Dysfunctions (VT I) course all the necessary testing and therapy activities to successfully diagnose and treat patients with learning related visual problems as well as patients with developmental difficulties. Many of the patients for whom this curriculum is recommended have been labeled dyslexics or "LD/ADD" (learning disability/attention deficit disorder).

You will be taught precisely how to determine if a person's reading difficulty requires the VT II curriculum or if their learning related visual problem can best be served by the simple application of the appropriate plus lens for near, as well as possibly only needing the more basic VT I program. The tests taught have been selected to help you get the most information in the least amount of time. The tests also give you the data necessary to demonstrate to the patient the need and benefits to be derived from the VT II program. Of the entire group of courses this is the most fun and will enable you to work with large portions of the population which traditional optometry has been unable to help in any way.

The tests which will be taught include: NYSOA King-Devic Saccadic Test, Groffman Visual Tracing Test, Wold Sentence Copy Test, Visagraph Eye Movement Analysis, Gates Oral Reading Survey, Monroe III Visual Memory Test, DEM Saccadic Test, Jordan Left Right Test, Motor Free Visual Perception Test, and many more...

Problems of vision development will be addressed as well as working with tracking, sequencing, and timing problems. The relationship between laterality, directionality and, ocular motor dysfunctions will be developed.

A discussion of the various interpretations of the word "dyslexia" and their many implications will be discussed thoroughly. What really are Attention Deficit Disorders and why are so many people so quick to use ritalin or its derivatives? A full understanding of the attentional mechanisms and an understanding of vision as the dominant process will help you understand the value of behavioral optometric care in working with the youth of today.

The relationship between visualization, visual imagery, and spelling will be discussed. You will be taught how to use positive rewards for positive behavior to modify the behavior of your patients and their support team. Juvenile Delinquency and learning related visual disorders will also be dealt with in detail.

Each course participant will receive a manual with a complete set of procedures, homework sheets, procedure grids and materials explaining how best to handle learning related visual problems.

Venue Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney Darling Harbour
55 Shelley St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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ContactMaria Gorbunova
Email: admin@acbo.org.au
Speaker Info

Presented by Meredith Graham

Meredith Graham, BAppSc(Optom)Hons FACBO practices at Harmony Vision, a behavioural optometry practice she jointly started to assist Gold Coast families with a more holistic approach to vision care.  This has allowed her to develop her professional interest in vision therapy, and together with her husband Paul Graham, they have developed a strong vision therapy practice with 3 vision therapists, currently serving approximately 70 patients per week.

Eligibility / Prerequisites
  • Optometrists: Must have completed OEP VT1 - VT for Visual Dysfunctions
  • Therapists: Must have completed OEP VT1. Can only attend if their Optometrist has completed VT1 & VT2 or is attending the same course at the same time
  • All delegates need to complete a pre-course survey
  • A link to the pre-readings will be sent to conference delegates a couple of weeks before the course starts.

Timing:  9:00am to 5:00pm daily (Sunday finish 3pm).

1.    Overview, trends, observations, utilization
2.    Treatment Options 
3.    The relationship between optometry & education 
4.    Dyslexia diagnosis and treatment
1.    The Mechanism of Visual Attention
2.    Understanding the Magno/Parvo channels 
3.    Vision and Color 
4.    Eye Movements & Reversals
1.    Behavior Modification 
2.    Performance Testing Overview
3.    Performance Tests in detail
4.    Eye Movements
DAY 4 
1.    Learning to use tests
2.    VT Grids & Therapy exercises
1.    Laterality and Directionality Procedures
2.    Grip Application
3.    Visualization/Visual Imagery
4.    Computer Therapy Programs

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