Presented by Dr.  Deborah Zelinsky

The Mind-Eye Connection team offers another workshop in Chicago, USA centering their principals of excellent patient care.


6 hours -- Saturday, May 28 

      Clues, Cues and Cruise Control: Three processing pathways optometry affects

      We will cover how Clues and Cues are processed by the mind at a cortical level 


  •        Clues require conscious "focal" attention and deplete energy.
  •        Cues require less attention and energy, using awareness.
  •        Cruise Control describes body functions at a subcortical level (brainstem and limbic system)


6 hours -- Sunday, May 29

      Tests, Tools and Traits : How different patients require different prescriptions for the same symptoms


  •         Lenses  -- linked with eye movement and cervical spine
  •         Non-Yoked Prisms -- linked with shoulder movement and thoracic spine
  •         Yoked Prisms -- linked with hip movement and lumbar spine
  •         Filters, including tints -- linked with limbic system


6 hours -- Monday, May 30  (Memorial Day)

       An Enviable Environment: Enhanced Eye and Ear Linkage


  •         Z-Bell used for screening (analogous to a Van Orden Star in Free Space)
  •         Z-Bell used for diagnostic lens prescribing


There will also be several guest speakers spread throughout the weekend.


  •       Right-Eye company will be presenting
  •       Lecturer on Primitive Reflexes
  •       Lecturer on Biochemical Changes from eyeglasses
  •       more to come.

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