With the resignation of Bernie Eastwood as President of ACBO, the Board have asked me to step in as Acting President. For some members I am an old face, for others I might be an unknown, so click here for some background.


I have been involved with behavioural optometry since 1983, and was one of the first Fellows of ACBO in 1988, when Bev Roberts and I then journeyed to the US to complete Fellowship of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, partly to show how equivalent the first FACBO process was to FCOVD.

For the last twenty years I have been heavily involved in a practice in Perth, with my partner Liz Wason FACBO, where we provide behavioural optometric care for children and adults, concentrating on issues of accommodation and convergence, strabismus and amblyopia, child development, learning – related vision problems, as well as ocular pathology, as we are both therapeutically endorsed. We are fortunate to have Annmarie Bishop as our vision therapist, one of the first ACBO-accredited vison therapists.  We are also heavily involved in providing assessment and treatment of vision dysfunctions as a result of acquired brain injury, stroke, Parkinsons’ Disease and neurological disorders.

I served fifteen years on the National Council of what is now Optometry Australia, of which I am a Life Member, with two years as National President 1990-92, as well as regular stints on the State Board registration board.

For those who are lucky enough to be attending NACBO, if you have any thoughts about ACBO’s activities and your membership, please take the opportunity to catch up with me. I am looking forward to the AGM, and the Phantom of the Ocular dinner!


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