The ACBO Vision Therapist Conference for 2016 was an inspiring event led by 4 of the VT community on Sunday 24th July at the Parkroyal in Sydney's glorious Darling Harbour. 

Hannah Walton, Marilyn Allen, Helen Berriman & Michelle Doreen led the group with presentations and demonstrations designed to educate and inspire, and a genuine desire to collaborate and share information.

Attendees came from far and wide to add more knowledge to their current repertoire and to contribute their experience about Vision Therapy. It was a very hands on day, where participants learned different ways of working with Accommodation and Convergence, and how basic Eye Movement Control, timing and body work is important ground work to begin any Vision Therapy session. 

Delegates learned that by working with the fundamentals, the system has a chance to perform at its full potential before moving on to higher level learning. They were then able to put the activities that Hannah Walton discussed into action. This was very beneficial to those involved. 

Michelle Doreen then added in a few Accommodation/Convergence activities that are used regularly in the practice she works at, and invited discussion on how other people in the room may do it differently.

After lunch Marilyn Allen presented on the topic of Strabismus and Amblyopia, and how to use the equipment that is necessary for a patient to get a meaningful experience. Participants were able to get hands on with various tools, eg: Vectograms and cheiroscopes, to help improve their skills and get a better understanding. 

The group concluded the day with Berri looking at the 'people' side of Vision Therapy - their patients and themselves. They discussed what they have experienced as vision therapists and how they have dealt with different situations. As therapists they need to work with a variety of different people and personalities, so it was beneficial for them to hear that they always learning something new about themselves, and how to deal with their patients every day.

ACBO CEO Veronica Kypros says "It was great to see such enthusiasm among our VT community.  This conference is a perfect example of what can be achieved when you have committed and dedicated professionals working as a team.  Thanks to the 4 ladies who put so much effort into preparation for this event!"


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