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Magnetic Town and Accessories

Red Green Toybox Product

Magnetic Town and Accessories
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Magnetic Town & Accessories

The magnetic town consists of four 8-1/2x11 magnetic sheets printed with the map of a town on them. Each sheet has different streets and building on it. The streets and railroad lineup in every direction so the child can create a new town every time they play. This also adds to the challenge since they can't memorize where certain buildings or signs are.

The town also includes a magnetic accessory sheet with trucks, cars, airplanes, road signs, and mailboxes to play with. There are two of every vehicle, one in red and the other in green. The child can place the correct vehicle near the correct building, fire engine to fire station. Or the school bus can drive around town to pick up the kids and take them to school. The possibilities are endless and limited only to the imagination. Check out the Hints & Ideas page for more ideas with the magnetic town.

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