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Neuro Rehab Webinar series

by Steve Leslie (B Optom FACBO FCOVD Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber)

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1webNEURO REHAB 101: Introduction to Acquired Brain Injury and Vision Therapy

This webinar is an introduction to Neurorehabilitative optometry, principles of assessment and an approach to vision therapy.

The webinar is suitable for optometrists interested in, but lacking experience of, the optometric approach to neuro-rehabilitation visual care; and for vision therapists who would like to develop an understanding of brain-related vision  issues which might benefit from vision therapy.

3webSIXTH NERVE PALSY: Neuro-optometric Assessment and Rehabilitative Management

Optometric assessment and treatment of patients who have a recent or an older history of stroke, brain injury and neurological issues is a rapidly growing and very important need in Australia, but to date there have been only episodic education initiatives. Neurologically-related visual issues can include:

Traumatic brain injury, stroke, assault, brain tumour, concussion and whiplash, and neurological diseases including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Many people with a recent or old history of acquired brain damage present for routine refractive optometric care, but do not connect their brain issue with their vision, or even complain of their visual problems, which may have been caused by the neurological insult. Yet optometrists who are appropriately trained and experienced can make a significant difference to the ability of these people to complete activities of daily living such as reading, walking, watching TV and driving, as well as to enjoy the best possible quality of life.


  1. Participants will understand the more common aetiologies of abducens nerve palsy, the common presenting symptoms, and the typical signs of a sixth nerve palsy, as well as fundamental differential diagnosis, and indications for further referral.
  2. Participants will understand and be able to put into practice a comprehensive and sequential history taking, and a comprehensive and sequential visual and ocular assessment to detect or rule out specific visual and ocular issues.
  3. Participants will understand the options for optometric management of acquired abducens nerve palsy, including spectacle correction, prisms and vision therapy.


This webinar explores the principles and practice of prescribing vertical prism for new and chronic visual vertical misalignments.

Suitable for optometrists who would like to increase their knowledge and experience of prescribing vertical prism in cases of unstable binocular vision, or diplopia, due to new onset issues, such as a fourth nerve palsy; or decompensation of a long-standing vertical dysfunction.


  1. Attendees will become familiar with common conditions which can result in vertical ocular misalignment, and vertical diplopia, and the possible effects on visual function and activities of daily living (ADL's)
  2. Attendees will become comfortable with practical assessment of vertical misalignment and associated binocular vision dysfunction
  3. Attendees will become familiar with the practical aspects of prescribing vertical prism, including unilateral vs split prism, grind vs Fresnel, and effects of multi-focal designs, as well as prognosis for functional and symptomatic improvement


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